Our STory

Long Strange Night formed when Tommy Cox and Eric Hollandsworth of the Tommy Cox Band asked Doug White and William Newman to sit in for a set of Grateful Dead music on December 31st, 2014.  The set went over so well that the group decided to form a Grateful Dead and Beatles cover band.
In June of 2015, Chris Schmitt joined the group adding keyboards, sax and amazing vocals to the lineup.  Schmitt brought his incredible ear for improvisational music and added a whole new spectrum of sound to the mix.  Soon thereafter, the members of LSN started adding original music to the song list.  Led by the incredible songwriting of Cox and Schmitt, other members joined in with more originals for a truly unique blend of songs with that signature LSN sound.
LSN continues in the pursuit to create new music and create fresh approaches to the music of The Grateful Dead and The Beatles.   

Long Strange Night is:
Tommy Cox - Lead Guitar/Vocals
William Newman - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Schmitt - Saxophone/Keyboards/Vocals
Doug White - Guitar/Vocals
Eric Hollandsworth - Bass/Vocals
Brock Howe - Drums
Heather Taylor - Sound Engineer/Merch Manager